Got allergies?

Keep your allergies at bay with the most effective clean and natural ingredients.


We want to introduce you to Alleroff. A homeopathic supplement based on floral essences and clean active ingredients with effective results in treating severe allergic reactions in people.

It works

Keep allergy flare-ups at bay and get rid of side effects.

For the entire family

Alleroff is for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest!

Without side effects

Meant for anyone looking for an effective treatment that minimizes allergic reactions and prevents them long-term.


There is a big problem with conventional antihistamines and they are very expensive.


Our story

Ok Salud began after my daughter started developing allergies, more specifically rhinitis. As time passed and seeing these allergic flare-ups were not going away, we started treatments with conventional medicine, only to deal with side effects, and with the disappointment of finding her allergies were only getting worse.

One of our friends recommended us Alleroff an all-natural medicine that had shown fantastic results on multiple people. I thought, how awesome is that? To have a clean and natural product that works, with no side effects and without spending an excessive amount of money.

That’s how Ok salud was created. It came from our own need as parents to help our daughter and also after seeing the need for clean products that are easily accessible and easy to use.